About Kāmahi

We are a charitable trust, dedicated to assisting young people to make a significant difference to our world through projects with environmental and social impact.

The assistance the Trust provides is in the form of time, support, mentoring, and monetary grants.


The Trust is the initiative of Rebecca Mason, a retired Leadership and Development Coach living in Nelson.

Events of 2019 were the catalyst as Rebecca witnessed how young people rose to the challenge of being powerful voices for change in a world beset by multiple and complex issues.

For more than twenty years Rebecca had regularly given coaching scholarships to young people, but now realised she wanted to leave more of a legacy.

Rebecca also believes that having someone supporting a young person’s sense of purpose and desire to make a difference, can and will make an enormous difference to the recipients of the Trust.

Why Kāmahi?

The Kāmahi is a quiet achiever.  It’s a little-known tree that is thought to be the most abundant forest tree in New Zealand.

The Kāmahi produces many seedlings; a metaphor for what’s possible through a Trust designed to support young people.

It is a nursery species, meaning it creates the right environment for the taller tree species to grow – again, a perfect metaphor for the Trust.  It also has some very pretty flowers!


Vision & values

Our vision

  • To assist young people to make a significant difference to our world, locally and more widely, through the impactful and generous gift of time, support, grants and mentoring
  • To support Trust recipients’ sense of purpose in the midst of a world that is uncertain in many ways
  • To leave a legacy of good work which is an inspiration to others

Our values

  • Integrity
  • Making a difference
  • Generosity
  • Being of service
  • Supporting the next generations
  • Being the nursery tree (kāmahi) for the growth of the tall tree species